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An anagram is an arrangement of letters of a word/ phrase or a sentence to produce a completely new word/ phrase or sentence. The original word is called subject and usually multiple new words could be created from a subject. To create an anagram one must use each letter of the subject exactly once and the new word/sentence must be meaningful. Anagram play is a kind of game to create meaningful new word(s) or phrases or solving a previous one. The following picture shows the interest of people for the anagram.

Anagram is a good brain teaser and can boost our brain performance. Someone with a good command over a language can often make interesting anagrams.

Anagrams can be just new words / phrases from the subject or can be strongly/ slightly relevant with the subject. For example: ‘Note’ can be rearranged to ‘Tone’ but in this case, it’s simply a rearrangement. But the word ‘Dormitory’ can be rearranged to ‘Dirty Room’ and there is a relationship between these two words (at least to some people!). There are certain pleasures in solving anagrams and creating new ones. Psychologists often use anagram- oriented tests, known as “Anagram Solution Tasks”, to assess the implicit memory of young adults and adults. Solving anagrams or creating one requires a sound knowledge of the language as well as the merit.

I’m not going to bore you with the definition and history of the anagram. Presenting some interesting anagrams is my real intention here. Nonetheless, if you are interested in reading more about ‘anagram’ visit:

Wikipedia page: for details.
Possible anagrams of your own name:
or got to which are two best anagram servers you can find on the internet.

Here is a list of anagrams that I thought would be interesting because I personally enjoyed them very much. I’d highly appreciate if you add some missing interesting anagrams in the comment section so that I can add them later in the original post. Enjoy Anagrammers...

Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler.
The eyes = They see.
Waitress = A stew, Sir?
Breasts = Bra sets.
The Titanic disaster = Death, it starts in ice.
Western Union = No Wire Unsent.
Vegetarian = Ate in grave.
Graduation = Out in a drag.
Debit card = Bad credit.
Achievements = Nice, save them.
A Decimal Point = I’m a Dot in Place.
Spice Girls = Pig Slices.
Evangelist = Evil’s Agent.
Astronomer = Moon starer.
Apple, Inc = Epic Plan.
The United States of America = Attaineth its cause, freedom.
Desperation = A Rope Ends It.
Dancing with the stars = Winners had tight acts.
Sherlock Holmes = He’ll mesh crooks.

Anagram of Sherlock Holmes

Baseball = Babes All.
Geologist = Go Get Oils.
Why do you care? = Hey you coward!
Action man = Cannot aim.
The Simpson’s = Men’s hot piss.
Shower time = Where moist.
Santa Monica = Satanic moan.
Goodbye = Obey God.
iPodlover = Poor devil.
Narcissism = Man’s crisis.
Funeral = Real Fun.
Comfort is = Microsoft.
Darling, I love you = Avoiding our yell.
The Country Side = No City Dust Here.
Astronomers = No more stars.
A Gentleman = Elegant Man.
I hate school = Oh so ethical.
A telescope = To see place.
The Apple Macintosh = Machines apt to help.
I run to escape = A persecution.
Animosity = Is No Amity.
Vacation Times = I’m Not as Active.
The Public Art Galleries = Large Picture Halls, I Bet.
Statue of Liberty = Built to Stay Free.
Admirer = Married.
New York Times = Monkey writes.
Contradiction = Accord not in it.
God save us all = Salvaged soul.
Honeymoon = Money? Oh no!
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one. 

Anagram example

Listen = Silent.
Chemistry = Shit, me cry.
Garbage Man = Bag Manager.
Dictionary = Indicatory.
A telephone girl = Repeating “Hello”.
Clothespins = So Let’s Pinch.
Guinness draught = Naughtiness drug.
Laxative = Exit lava.
Hot water = Worth tea.
Television programming = Permeating living rooms.
A perfectionist = I often practice.
Anti-democratic = Dictator came in.
Austin Powers = Power us satin.
Car has = A crash.
Election results = Lies–let’s recount.
Intensive care = I can’t even rise.
Intoxicate = Excitation.
Microwave = Warm Voice.
No admittance = Contaminated.
Pre Calculus = Call up curse.
Protectionism = Cite no imports.
Punishment = Nine Thumps.
A diet = I’d eat.
Google= Ego Log.
President Bush = Burnished Pest.
President Bush of the USA = A fresh one, but he’s stupid.
President Clinton of the USA = To copulate he finds interns.
President W = Newest Drip.
Princess Diana = End is a car spin.

Princess Diana Anagram

Circumstantial evidence = Can ruin a selected victim.
Rome was not built in a day = Any labour I do wants time.
Rome wasn’t built in a day = But Italians may wonder.
Rome wasn’t built in a day = But laid in two years, man.
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring = Time’s running past, we murmur.
Sycophant = Acts phony.
Television ads = Enslave idiots.
The cockroach = Cook, catch her.
The Meaning of Life = The fine game of nil.
Tom Cruise = So I’m Cuter.
Year Two Thousand = A year to shut down.
William Clinton = I’m it, an ill clown.
The detectives = Detect thieves.

Types of Anagrams:

Ambigram: Ambigram is an anagram which is ambiguously opposite to the original word/phrase. Example : The Nuclear Regulatory Commission = Your rules clone atomic nightmares.

Antigram: It is an anagram which is antonymous of the original word/phrase. Example : Violence = Nice love.

Anigram or Animagram: Is an animation (usually in a computer format) showing the letters of a word or phrase moving as they rearrange to form an anagram.

Pairagram: A transposed couplet in which the anagrams are linked in meaning, or form a sentence when juxtaposed. Examples: Elvis = Lives.

Pangram: Pangram is not really a variety of anagram, but included here because of the similarity in name and meaning. So-called perfect pangrams are anagrams of the alphabet, e.g. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = Blowzy night-frumps vex'd Jack Q./  A quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog.

Spamagram: A term used exclusively in the newsgroup alt.anagrams. Those who spam the newsgroup (i.e. post irrelevant messages) will find their words anagrammed by alt.anagrams regulars. The resulting anagrams are termed spamagrams.

Synanagram: Single words that are anagrams of other single words. Example: Angered = Enraged.

Trianagram: Also called triplets, these are three-way anagrams. Example: Mastering = Emigrants = Streaming.

Anagram of Famous People

Gillian Anderson = No Alien Darling.
Jennifer Aniston = Fine in torn jeans.
William Shakespeare = I’ll make a wise phrase.
Bob Marley = Marble Boy.
George Bush = He bugs Gore.
Tom Cruise = So I’m Cuter.
George W Bush = He grew bogus.
Christina Aguilera = Ugly Satanic Hair.
Saddam Hussain = Humans sad side.
Saddam Hussain = UN’s Said he’s Mad.
Elvis = Lives.

Anagram of Elvis

Justin Timberlake = I’m a jerk but listen.
Axl Rose= So, Relax.
Mel Gibson = Big Melons.
Antonio Banderas = No Brains on a date.
Drew Barrymore= Merry Wardrobe.
Michel Barrymore = I'm a merry Bachelor.
David Beckham = Ham Dived Back.
Victoria Beckham = Mark a bitch voice.
Tony Blair = Libyan Rot.
James Bond = Demon Jabs.
Sir Geoffrey Boycott = Big score of forty yet.
Julius Caesar = Casual Juries.
Eric Clapton = Narcoleptic.
Hillary Clinton = Only I can thrill.
Sean Connery = Annoy Screen.
Wendy Craig = A Dying Crew.
Russell Crowe = Scowler Rules.
Cameron Diaz = Crazed Moan.
Bill Gates = Gets a bill.
Che Guevara = A huge Crave.

Scar Hammerstein = Mass Romantic Here.
Paris Hilton = I spin Harlot.
Adolf  Hitler = Heil old fart.
Dustin Hoffman = Find Soft Human.
John Kerry = Horny Jerk.
Genghis Khan = He Hangs King.
Osama Bin Laden = A Bad Man No Lies.
Jude Law = Jaw Duel.
Monica Lewinsky = Nice Silky Woman.
Meat Loaf = O Fat Male.
Kylie Minogue = I like em Young.
Marilyn Monroe = Merrily Moan on.
Demi Moore = Moodier Me.
Clint Eastwood = Old West Action.
Marco Polo = A Cool Romp.
Hary Potter = Try Hero Part.
Chris Rea = Rich Arse.
Julia Roberts = I rule star job.
Meg Ryan = Germany.
Arnold Schwarzenegger = He's Grown Large N Crazed.
Ariel Sharon = Oh Ran Israel.
Christian Slater = A rich silent star.
Patrick Stewart = Cap Star Trek Wit.
Oliver Stone = Violent sore.
Elizabeth Taylor = I the Lazy bloater.
James Taylor = Oral Majesty.
Margaret Thatcher= That Great Charmer.
Oscar Wilde = I Lace Words.
Robbin Williams = I warm Billions.
Richard Wilson = Sardonic Whirl.
Mussolini = I'm sin soul.
Albert Einstein: Ten elite brains.
Thomas Alva Edison: Aha ions made volts.
Ronald Reagan = An oral danger.
The Beatles = Let hates be.

The Beatles Anagram

Paul McCartney = Pay Mr. Clean cut.
Mark Twain: Am rank wit.
Oscar Wilde = I lace words | Ladies crow.
Humphrey Bogart = Hyper thug Rambo = Grumpy hero bath.
Madame Curie = Me, radium ace.

Anagrams : "Da Vinci Code"

Da Vinci Code = Candid voice.
Da Vinci Code = Add vice icon.
The Vinci Code Anagram

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown" =  Odd cheat; now binned by vicar."
The Da Vinci Code" = I'd have cited con.
The Da Vinci Code" = Voice hidden act.
The Da Vinci Code" = Had it conceived.
The Da Vinci Code" = Hidden act o' vice.

Anagrams of  very common words:

Auction = Caution.
Cashing = Chasing.
Default = Faulted.
Discounted = Deductions.
Purse = Super.
Risk = Irks.
Actors= Costar.
Rescue = Secure.
Earth = Heart.
Nuclear = Unclear.
Cosmic = Comics.
Saliva = Avails.

Anagrams of Country names:

Cameroon = Moon Race.
Belgium = Mug Bile.
Argentina = Neat Grain.
Gabon = No Bag.
San Marino = No Mans Air.
Lebanon = Noble An.
Slovenia = Nose Vial.
Montenegro = Not more Gen.
Turkmenistan = Nuts In Market.
Somalia = Amos Ali.
Rwanda = And War.
Australia = As A Ritual.
Barbados = Bad BoarsGermany = Grey Man.
China = Hanic.
Bangladesh = Hans Be Glad.
Bhutan = Hat Bun.
Lesotho = Hot Sole.
Bhutan = Hut Ban.
Namibia = I Am A Bin.
Mauritania = I Am Aunt Ria.
Gambia = I Am BagAzerbaijan = Jane Iz Arab.
Slovakia = Kava Soil.
Netherlands = Lantern Shed.
Italy = Lay It.
Sierra Leone = Lease Renoir.
Belgium = Lime Bug.
Mongolia = Loom Gain.
Luxembourg = Loumex Grub.
Mali = MailKenya = Akney.
Portugal = Rot A Plug.
Belarus = Seal Rub.
Philippines = Ship Line Pip.
Algeria = Rail Age.
Surinam = Rain Sum.
Sierra Leone= Real Nose Ire.
Ecuador = Road Cue.
Zimbabwe = Baize BMW Cambodia = I Dam A Cob.
Ethiopia = I Hate Poi.
Lithuania = I Haunt Ali.
Croatia = I Or A Cat.
Burkina Faso = A Bark Fusion.
Colombia = A Cool IBM.
Nicaragua = A Cur Again.
South Africa = A Fruit Chaos.
Estonia = A Note Is.
El Salvador = A Slave Lord.
Macedonia = Adam On Ice.
Liberia = Air Bile.
Serbia = Braise.
Central African Republic = Club Frantic Rare Pelican Scotland = Cold Ants.
England = Dangle N.
Sweden = Ed News.
Belize = Eel Biz.
Senegal = Eel Snag.
Guyana = Gay Una.
Montenegro = Gone On Term Armenia = I Am Near.
Sierra Leone = I Reel Reason.
Burundi = I Rub Dun.
Surinam= I Run Sam.
Taiwan = I Want A.
Afghanistan = Ian Hang Fast.
Slovenia = Ians Love.
Pakistan = Ink Pasta Turkmenistan = Meat In Trunks.
Honduras = Our Hands.
Spain= Panis.
Nepal = Plane.
Singapore = Pose In Rag Andorra = Road Ran.
Singapore = Rose In Gap.
Russia = Sir Usa.
Ivory Coast = Sooty Vicar.
Botswana = Swan Boat.
Lesotho = The Solo.
Liechtenstein = The Tennis Lice.
Yugoslavia = Visual Yoga.
Botswana = Want A Sob.
Paraguay = Yaaagurp.
Malaysia = Yaaaslim.
Norway = Yon War.
Uruguay = Yuuurag.
Venezuela = Zeal Venue Mauritius = Rum At Isiu.
Uzbekistan =  Sane Kibutz.
Anagram of America =Mafia arrogance am.
America= I'm a care.

Most Popular Anagrams:

The Great Wall of China  =  Altogether, chain flaw.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer =  Complexities front ten errors.
Information Superhighway =  A Rough Whimper of Insanity.
The public art galleries =  large picture halls, I bet.
A stick of chewing gum =  Thing of magic we suck.
Drinking = Drink Gin.
Martini = Ram it in.
Statue of Liberty = Built to stay free.
The United States of America = Attaineth its cause: freedom!
Microsoft Windows = Wisdom? Or swift con?
A Barbie doll = I'll bare a bod. = A babe I'd roll. = A liberal bod.
Princess Diana = Ascend in Paris.
The Windows operating system = With DOS, we print Gates's money.
The Linux operating system = Total hermits' sexy penguin.
The Linux operating system = Run my shit on it, expel Gates = Gates expulsion? Try hitmen!
The Linux operating system =  Put extremely, astonishing. = No sex, sleep, night, maturity.

Anagrams of Osama Bin Laden:

Osama Bin Laden = An Islam bad one.
Osama Bin Laden = A nomad be slain.
Osama Bin Laden = Anal media snob.
Osama Bin Laden = I be so damn anal.
Osama Bin Laden = Mean as bad lion.
Osama Bin Laden = A mean sand boil.
Osama Bin Laden = Am a bold insane.
Osama Bin Laden = An SOB led mania.
Osama Bin Laden = A damn alien SOB.
Osama Bin Laden = A man, an SOB lied.

Anagrams of  Drew Barrymore:

Drew Barrymore= Merry wardrobe.
Drew Barrymore= Ramrod Brewery.

Anagrams of  Britney Spears:

Britney Spears = Presbyterians.
Britney Spears = Best PR in years.
Britney Spears = Beers, party, sin.
Britney Spears =Yens, strip bare.
Britney Spears = Pert? Yes. Brains?

Britney Spears Anagram

Britney Spears = Err, spiny beast.
Britney Spears = Nearby priests.
Britney Spears = Siren best pray.
Britney Spears = Best in prayers.
Britney Spears = Tripy bareness.
Britney Spears = Seen a rip, try BS.
Britney Spears = Binary pesters.
Britney Spears = Spray beer tins.
Britney Spears = Pesters Brainy.

Anagrams of Sentences:

1. "To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." = "In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten."

2. "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong  = "Thin man ran; makes a large stride, left planet, pins flag on moon! On to Mars!"

Anagram Poems:

The Little Boy and the Old Man
Shel Silverstein

Said the little boy, "Sometimes I drop my spoon."
Said the old man, "I do that too."
The little boy whispered, "I wet my pants."
"I do that too," laughed the little old man.
Said the little boy, "I often cry."
The old man nodded, "So do I."
"But worst of all," said the boy, "it seems
Grown-ups don't pay attention to me."
And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand.
"I know what you mean," said the little old man.

And here is the new anagram poem:

The Tot and the Elder
Olin Foblioso & Billy Foblioso

The tiny tot went: "When I eat I mess up."
The elder replied: "O, that makes two of us."
"I soil myself," went the tot with shame
And the elder added: "O, I do the same."
On the tot told him: "I sob a lot."
"O, not only you," answered gramps to the tot.
"And what's totally bad," the tiny tot told,
"I think mom and dad don't love me at all."
While grandpa simply, pitiably smiled,
then said: "O, I understand, my child."

Anagram of  "anagram":

Anagram= Raga Man= Agar Man= A Mag Ran= A Gram An= A Nag Mar.
Anagram= A Nag Arm= A Nag Ram= A Rang Ma= A Rang Am= A Gar Man.
Anagram= A Rag Man=  Gar Ma An= Gar Am An=  Rag Ma An=  Rag Am An.

Anagram of  "anagrams":

Anagrams= Agar Mans= Raga Mans= Ragas Man= Agars Man= Saran Mag= A Grams An.
Anagrams= A Nag Mars=  A Nag Arms =A Nag Rams= A Rang Mas= A Nags Mar= A Nags Ram.
Anagrams= A Sang Mar= A Sang Ram= A Sang Arm= A Snag Mar= A Snag Ram= A Snag Arm.
Anagrams= A Gar Mans= A Gars Man= A Rags Man= Mag Ran As= Gram An As= Nag Mar As.
Anagrams= Nag Arm As= Rang Ma As= Rang Am As= Rag Man As= Rag Mas An= Gar Man As.
Anagrams= Gars Am An= Rags Ma An= Rags Am An= Sag Ma Ran= Sag Am Ran= Sag Mar An.
Anagrams= Gas Ma Ran= Gas Am Ran= Gas Mar An= Gas Ram An= Gas Arm An.

Mathematical Anagrams:

1. 441 and 144 are anagrams of each other. 441 is 212 and 144 is 122

Use of Anagram:
Rearranging letter to make some other meaning or words is generally known as the anagram. The subject (original world/ letter) is used for a single time to recreate the other words. It is assumed that the use of anagram was initiated for sending secret messages or contents. Anagrams could be done in many ways including 'word to phrase', 'name to a phrase', 'word to word' etc.

How Anagrams can be helpful in practical world:
The Anagram is highly useful for people who are keen to use it with their activities. The common benefits of using anagrams are –
  • Recreational activity
  • For simple coding
  • Making passwords
  • Improves memory
  • Provides security to confidential issues
  • Making pseudo name
  • Rearranging titles or headings uniquely.

Visit Anagram - Part -2 for more anagram examples.

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