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Anagram - Part 2

Anagrams of Different Professions:

Salesmen:  Nameless.
Senator:  Treason.
Teacher:  Cheater.
Leader:  Dealer.
Baker:  Break.
Painter:  Repaint.
Builder:  Rebuild.
Farmer:  Framer.
Marine:  Remain.
Organist:  Roasting.
Director:  Creditor.
Actors:  Costar.
Editor:  Rioted.
Importers:  Misreport.
Publisher:  Republish.
Student:  Stunted.
Umpire:  Impure.
Minister:  Interims.
Models:  Seldom.
Pilots:  Spoilt.
Mountaineer:  Enumeration.
Porter:  Report.
Nurse:  Runes.
Diver:  Drive.
Maid:  Amid.
Singer:  Reigns.
Waiters:  Wariest.
Tutor:  Trout.
Mason:  Moans.
Horsewomen:  Homeowners.
Computer Programmer:  Mature germ romp crop.
Graphic Designer:  Rigid gnash creep.
Library Assistant:  Slays brain artist.
Clerical Officer:  Lice frolic farce.
Newspaper Journalist:  O Jesus! Nipple warrant.
Professional Musician:  In famous lips scenario.
Professional Footballer:  Laboratories on off spell.
Hotel Manager:  The lame groan.
Funeral Director:  Fornicated ruler.
Dental Technician:  A lichen-tinted can.
Ladies' Hairdresser:  Dire idle harassers.
Police Officer:  Epic foe frolic.
Television Presenter:  Elite net perversions.
Bar Manager:  Man barrage.
Data Analyst:  Ta, Lady Satan.
Brain Surgeon:  Boring a nurse.
Health Visitor:  This vital hero.
Pharmacy Technician:  I'm acne anarchy pitch.
Prison Warden:  Inward person.
Production Worker:  Now root rude prick.
Motor Mechanic:  A commoner itch.
Defense Lawyer:  Free weedy slan.



Anagrams of Newspapers & Magazines:

Cosmopolitan:  Captions loom.
The Irish News:  Sins herewith.
The Guardian:  Huge arid tan.
The Observer:  Severe throb.
The Radio Times:  I am the editors.
Playboy Magazine:  Yo! Big lazy ape-man.
The Financial Times:  Nice intimate flash.
The Sunday Times:  Hey! Nudist mates.
The Sunday Post:  Up the nasty sod.
Vogue Magazine:  Give guano maze.
The Evening Standard:  Deviant tender gnash.
Fortean Times:  I monster feat.
Private Eye:  Pay eerie TV.
The TV Times:  Test the vim.
The Sunday World:  Hey, drowns adult!
Good Housekeeping:  Go peek in doghouse.
OK Magazine:  I amaze Kong.
The National Enquirer:  Learnt heroin antique.
The People:  Hotel peep.
Q Music Magazine:  In mega scam quiz.

Anagrams of Movies:

James Bond Movie Anagram--
James Bond   =  Demons jab.
Thunderball  =  Handle blurt.
Gold finger  =  Fondler gig.
Moonraker    =  Rank romeo.
Live and let die  = Dateline devil.
Miss Moneypenny  =  Messy ninny poem.
Tatian Romonova  =  O man, rat ovation.
Holly Goodhead   =  Oh hell, gay dodo.
Tomorrow never dies  =  O, over weird monster.
From Russia with love  =  I'm the sorrowful visa.
Diamonds are forever  =   Dreamers invade roof.
The man with the golden gun =    Nude mate now thigh length.

Romantic Movie Anagrams--
Shadowlands  =   Now slash dad.
A kind of loving   =  OK via fondling.
Time after time  =   I'm termite fate.
You've got mail  =   A vomit eulogy.
Heaven can wait  =   What naive acne.
The great gatsby  =   Begs the gay tart.
Twice in a lifetime  =   Intimate wife lice.
Sleepless in Seattle  =   Sees talentless pile.
Breakfast at Tiffanys  =   Bats fifty karate films.

Breakfast at Tiffanys Poster

A matter of life and death  =   A fine fathead tart model.
The bridges of Madison County  =   Oh my god, fornicated in tubes.

Books and Writers Anagrams:

Books Anagrams--
Pride and prejudice  =  Induce jaded ripper.
Sense and sensibility  =  Is tiny lesbian needs.
The woman in white  =  With the mean wino.
Nicholas Nickelby   =  Yank clinches boil.
David Copperfield  =   Deprived acid flop.
A tale of two cities  =   Ciao to latest wife.
Great expectations  =   Excite tart on pages.
Robinson Crusoe  =   Obscure erosion.
A passage to India  =   Against soap idea.
A Christmas carol  =   Scratch is amoral.
The half sisters  =   The selfish rats.
The last of the Mohicans  =  Ho, ho, the mental fascist.

Writer Anagrams--
Kim Stanley Robinson  =   Am loony bin stinkers.
Arthur C Clarke  =   The rural cracker.
Bruce Sterling  =   Cretin rubs leg.
Philip Jose Farmer  =   Oh, frail pimp jeers.
Harlan Ellison  =   Aliens all horn.
Orson Scott Card  =   Sod contractors.
Allan Dean Foster  =   Fondle real Satan.
Neil Gaiman  =   I'm alien nag.
Storm Constantine  =   No intact monsters.
William Gibson  =   I'm wailing slob.
Stephen Baxter  =   Has bent experts.
Mchael Crichton  =   Chromatic lichen.
Craig Thomas  =   Got charisma.
Helen Fielding  =   Define gin hell.
John Grisham  =   Horns jag him.

David Gemmel  =   Mad devil gem.
Stephen King  =   He's pink gent.
Virginia Andrews = Arid raving swine.
Jackie Collins  =   Clinical jokes.
Barbara Erskine = Ask brain bearer.
Patricia Scanlan = Is carnal captain.
Deen Koontz  =    On zonk date.
Catherine Cookson = No, a shock erection.
Minette Walters = Master new title.

Anagrams of American Historical Celebrities:

James Madison   =  I jam demon ass.
James Monroe   =  More nose jam.
John Adams   =  Son had jam.
Benjamin Franklin  =   Flank inner jib man.
Franklin D Roosevelt  =   Find love lorn streak.
Franklin Pearce  =   Infernal packer.
General Custer  =   Cruel sergeant.
Martin Van Buren  =   Vain numb ranter.
Mister Buzz Aldrin  =   Blizzard terminus.
Neil Armstrong  =   Snort malinger.
Thomas Jefferson  =   Man's offshore jet.
George Washington  =   Groaning sweet hog.

Anagrams of  famous Paintings:

Mona Lisa   =  I also man.
The Scream  =   Rat scheme.
Night cafe   =  Fight acne.
The scapegoat  =   Gestapo cheat.
Birth of Venus  =   Five ton brush.
Susanna Bathing   =  Thugs in bananas.
The last supper  =   The slut papers.
The dead christ  =   Ditched haters.
Chritina's World  =   I scorn wild trash.
St George and the Dragon   =  Danger, gonads together.
Old man with his grandson  =   This dog now in marshland.
The adoration of the magi  =   Ho, ho, I am a rotating defeat.

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