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Beautiful places to visit in Kuwait

1. Green Island:

Green Island
Green Island:
Located at off the coast of Kuwait city, Green Island is an artificial island in Kuwait and was opened in 1988. The artificial island is one of the popular tourist attractions in the gulf region and covered with rain-forest and coral reefs. Snorkeling is one of the attractive activities in the island and the luxury resorts provide with the best available comforts to the visitors. The swimming pool of the resort inside the Island is always crowded for its clean and blue water. Strolling across the walking track is a kind of amazing experience for the visitors. Reaching the Island is possible with a boat that that could be hired from Cairns. Besides, the Island is accessible with helicopter, seaplane or schooner. It takes around 50 minutes by boat. The Green Island is surrounded by some natural rocks and it is anticipated the sands on the beaches of the islands have been imported for making the beach stunning. Though the country is almost a desert, the Island provides an opposite idea. The entertainment options of the Island are adorable. This is one of the important visiting places for the tourists in Kuwait.

2. Grand Mosque:

Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque:
Opened in 1986, the Grand Mosque is largest mosque among the 800 mosques in Kuwait. The entire mosque is laid on 45,000 square meters. The mail prayer hall is spacious, 72 meters wide, on all directions. The doors are made with teakwood and natural light enters inside the mosque through 144 windows. It took around 14 million KD to build the entire mosque. The minaret is the highest one in Kuwait – 74 meters. The mosque is enabled to accommodate around 5000 people for prayer at a time inside the main prayer hall. Often tours are conducted to make the mosque familiar with the visitors. The dome of the mosque is well decorated with the 99 names of Allah better known as Asma-ul-hosna. There is a separate prayer hall for the women where around 900 women can pray together. The library of the mosque is also enriched with books written by Islamic scholars and many other reference books are available for use as well. The car park is able to hold around 500 vehicles together. This is another interesting place for the visitors in Kuwait.        

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Affiliation: Islam
Completed: 1986
Construction cost: 13,000,000 KWD (48,644,400 USD)
Capacity: 11,000
Dome(s): 1
Dome dia.(outer): 26
Minaret: 1
Minaret height: 74m.

3. Kuwait Towers:
Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers:
Located at the Persian Gulf peninsula, the Kuwait Towers have been built in a distinctive style than the other towers. There are three towers standing together and were officially opened in 1979. The towers are the symbol of modern Kuwait. There were 34 towers in Kuwait Water Tower system and this is the last group of towers made with a different design. The towers were closed for around four consecutive years for maintenance and other necessary tasks. The main tower among the towers is 187 meters and contains two levels – the upper level and the lower level. The lower level contains a water tank which can contain 4500 cubic meters of water while the upper level holds a restaurant, a café, a reception hall and a lounge. The upper level is 123 meters above the sea level. The third of the towers do not contain any water rather it is used to illuminate the other two towers. The towers were designed by a Danish architect and now a major place for the tourists in Kuwait.   

Type: National Building, Water Tank, Restaurant
Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Cost: 4,700,000 KWD (US$ 16,450,000)
Height: 187 m (613.5 ft)
Architect: Malene Bjørn.

4. Failaka Island:

Failaka Island
Failaka Island:
The name of the Island has been derived from a Greek word which refers to ‘outpost’ in English. The Failaka Island is located in the northern part of Persian Gulf and 20 kilometers away from the coast of Kuwait city. The history of the city dates back to 2000 BC and the location was settled by the Mesopotamians and later the civilization expanded as people from different cities arrived here for trading and other purposes. The buildings found here were made in Mesopotamian-style. The locality has also served as the part of different dynasty. A large number of artifacts have been found here which testify that the civilization that was formed here was enriched with several aspects. The name of the Island has also been changed several times since the age of the Alexander the Great. The locality was highly influenced with the Greeks that some of the Greek mythological elements got mixed with the local culture. Now, fishing, boating, water sports, swimming etc. are the key attractions for the tourists.

5.  Scientific Center of Kuwait:
Scientific Center of Kuwait

Scientific Center of Kuwait:
Aiming to spread awareness about science, ecosystem and the history to the visitors and citizens of Kuwait, the Scientific Center of Kuwait was established in Kuwait. This is the home of the largest aquarium in the Middle East. The center is better known as KSC. Located in Salmiya in Kuwait, the KSC is laid over an area of 80,000 square meters. The aquarium holds over 100 species of animals. The IMAX theatre is also a popular destination for the tourists in the center. The gift shop also contains gorgeous objects for collection while the harbor of historic dhows is also a great place to look at. The scenic coastline views of Kuwait are seen from the walkways and taking a cup of coffee from the coffee shops makes the day wonderful. Besides, the KSC is the center of attraction for students as field trips are organized here annually from different schools and academic centers. The design of the building is integrated with Islamic art which has brought a stunning look. The place is a must visit for the visitors in Kuwait.

6. Sadu House:

Sadu House
Sadu House:
Aiming to protect the interests of Bedouins, the Sadu House was formed in the 1980s. Bedouins are a kind of tribe living in the continent who prefer to move from place to places. To commemorate the arts and cultures of the Bedouins, the Sadu House started its journey and now this is one of the artistic houses in Kuwait city. Besides, the Sadu House is also a museum that contains the relics and objects related with the Bedouins. The House is located near the Kuwait National Museum. The House mostly contains the handicrafts of the Bedouins and their weavings. The original house was a mud building and was destroyed by a vast flood in 1936. Later the current building was established by the Al Sadu Society. The Sadu House employed around 300 Bedouin women to weave different items and the produced items were sent to be sold in different places. The present Sadu House has several chambers with different motifs. The place is a tourist-friendly spot in Kuwait.

7. Kuwait City:

Kuwait City

Kuwait City:
Considered as the largest city in Kuwait, the Kuwait City is the capital of the country with over 4 million populations. The city is the hub of everything including economy, politics and culture. This is a global city and is served by one airport and two other seaports. The foundation of the modern Kuwait City was laid in the 16th century as a fishing village which was inhabited by some fisherman. Gradually the city got developed and the rapid expansion of the city held during the 18th century as a transit among the Asian countries. The city has attracted trade and commerce from different parts of the world for the sea routes. Besides, ship building was a good business for the Kuwaiti people. Due to the discovery of oil, the entire country experienced the best days. The climate of the city is hot and remains one of the hottest in summer. Heat waves are frequent in summer and it is very cold in winter. Besides, the summer also experiences sand storms. But the city is great place for the visitors.

Area: 200 km2 (80 sq mi)
Population (2014 estimate): City:637,411& Metro: 2,380,000.

8. Souq Sharq:
Souq Sharq

Souk Sharq:
In Kuwait, there are a good number of shopping centers available but none of them are as splendid as the Soul Sharq. This is the major shopping center for the Kuwait City. In the beginning, the place was small and few trading took place here but with the expansion of the city, the place turned into a huge shopping center now and one of the liveliest social places where people meet and greet at the day times. The center has two floors and a wide variety of objects are sold here. Besides, the center sells items belonging to different brands for the visitors. The center is also occupied with cafes and restaurants to meet the shoppers’ needs. In fact this is the most successful shopping destination of the entire region and comes with the top class items and facilities. The center is able to offer something to everyone of every age. So, this is a great visiting place for the tourist outside of Kuwait.     


9. The Mutla Ridge:

The Mutla Ridge

The Mutla Ridge:
The 306 meters high Mutla Ridge is considered as the highest point of Kuwait. The place is located in Al Jahra Governorate and runs 60 kilometers parallel. This is a rocky area that has played different important roles during the Gulf War. In most of the cases, the location has been used for war and war-related issues like communicating during war, or watch over the enemy lines etc. But the Ridge is a nice place to enjoy the Kuwait Bay. The hills are not that much attractive to the visitors but the Bay view is outstanding. During the war, land mines were implanted under the ground to attack the invading soldiers and now those mines have been removed from the place as it is a tourist destination in the current days. The Mutla Ridge will provide you with a taste of desert and camels are found roaming and grazing across the area. This is also renowned for camping. Besides, tourists come here for biking.

10. Kuwait Zoo:

Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo:
Located in around 180,000 square meters area, Kuwait Zoo is another attractive place in Kuwait. Better known as animal kingdom, the zoo is located in Farwaniya in Kuwait and it suffered severely in the 1990s when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq while the animals were used for target practicing which turned into a major issue in the then time, and later a massive restoration took place for three years. New animals were added after the renovation works were done. Currently the zoo is divided into four major areas – cultural center and life science division, animal section, veterinary clinic and services and maintenance section. The zoo allows the animals to continue their natural reproduction and for that the zoo authority had to sell some of the animals of certain species as the number was being increased. This is one of the most entertaining places for all ages of visitors. The zoo, officially, contains species around 1800 types and some of them are more popular to the visitors. The zoo attracts a huge crowd of national and international visitors every day.

Location:Farwaniya, Kuwait
Land area: 400 ha (990 acres).

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