Saturday, April 16, 2016

Best designed eCommerce websites - built by ashop

ashop is a  really nice eCommerce platform that would let you concentrate on your business while taking care all the features and functionality you need to run your online store smoothly. Having a great CMS that powers your eCommerce platform is really advantageous and ashop is one of the best eCommerce platforms that lets you concentrate on your online business rather than on your hosting, e-commerce designing and development.

Let's explore some of the successful online stores that are built by ashop.



Powerful features of aShop eCommerce solution:

aShop is one of the leading platforms for online selling and been dominating the e-Commerce for the past 10 years, successfully. The organisation has been providing support to the clients who want to sell their products through online stores. In fact, this is the age of development and the issues of business have changed to a great extent technologically. aShop helps the entrepreneurs to expand their business by using the platform.

The tools used in aShop are user-friendly and powerful to meet the regular needs of the clients and the online sellers. aShop has been serving a large number of clients and the services are competitive. The platform has been preferred by almost all types of online entrepreneurs to expand their business and they are performing very well with the respective business. It has happened for the strong features of the platform. The most notable feature of aShop is pointed herein –

Flexible features – Almost all the features of aShop is made flexible considering the users’ capacity. All the users might not have the same knowledge on e-Commerce and thus the features have been kept easier for everyone. Besides, the users could also customise the features after their needs.

Updated technology – The technology used in making of the platform is updated and interestingly the users do not need to pay any extra charges for updating the system. Though some of such providers ask for extra charges for updating the system, aShop has made it free for the user and it will remain free as long as they use the platform.

Absolute Solution – Usually the other e-Commerce service providers come up with a huge number of services but when the services are applied, it appears that most of them are unnecessary and unplanned. As a result, the service providers cannot sustain long with their business. But aShop is quite different from them. It helps the e-Commerce entrepreneurs to expand their business and provides the right tool at the right moment. The admin panel of aShop is enriched with the latest findings and tools required to grow an online business. – The platform provides with a unique opportunity for the clients and they could sell their products on website. The website is dedicated for the clients to upload their product images and short descriptions and thus the seller could reach to millions of visitors within a few mouse clicks. Since there are millions of visitors on the website, the chances for sells are more.

Abandoned basket Recovery – Often many sales are lost due to heavy pressure on the website and consequently it brings a financial loss for the entrepreneurs. But the abandoned basket recovery option of aShop allows the users to recover around 15% of their abandoned sales. As a result, the risks of losses get reduced.

Versatile transaction options – On average the e-Commerce providers allow the users to continue transaction by cash or after delivery while a few of them allows the visitors to complete their transactions by credit cards. aShop is one the platforms that allow the users to complete the payment with credit cards and thus has made the entire transaction system hassle free for all the parties.

Several browsing platforms – Majority of the e-Commerce service providers make their platforms considering the desktop computers. But in the current days, mobile internet users are also on the rise and aShop has initiated for mobile platforms so that the mobile users could also browse the websites on their devices.

Free Installation – The entire service is based on online and thus there are no issues of installing some complicated software on the computer. The users can use the platform without any plug- ins or anything else.

Dedicated Customer Support – When the sales are done, many of such service providers do not care for the after sales service of their products but aShop is completely different from them. The platform cares even after sales are done and guides the clients how to set up their online store and increase sales and the other issues.

Thereby, if you are planning to launch your online store, aShop would be the best solution for you in a single package. The services you will get are special and your online presence will be visible to millions of website visitors and it is well known that the increased number of visitors grows the chances of success more.

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